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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter Letter

So  Benin has a new president now, Patrice Talon. No wars or problems happened so I guess the people are happy. If the people are happy the missionaries are happy, if there's electricity.

Easter time is an exciting time here in Benin. No school and people like to celebrate. Monday is also a holiday and nobody works. Brother Blessing, our Ghanian convert told us on Sunday that he wanted to attend a family home evening on Monday, since he wouldn't be working, but he didn't know where to go. Our rendez-vous with Armel fell through so we decided to do the family home evening at his house. The two other investigators who are hard to get a hold of were all there that evening and we all sat down to talk about Easter and the Savior's Resurrection. It is pleasing to see how much people know the scriptures. We had a good lesson and then we ate some cookies that we had brought for them.

Last week Elder Adjo and I had gone off into the neighborhood next to the bureau in the search for new investigators. We found a small monkey leashed to a gate. WE WILL GET PICTURES OF IT FOR NEXT TIME! Afterwards and around the corner,we met a young woman named Modestine who lives with her mother Rose, Rose's brother René and several other relatives in the same complex. We have been back to see them two times and we plan to visit again tonight! They are catholic and have a good background knowledge of the bible. They are happy to visit with us and "talk about God" as Rose says. They are very friendly people.

We weren't able to see Sandra on Tuesday this week. Hopefully next week. We did see her at the store though! We were buying Nutella and she was arranging items on the shelves.

This month will be the creation of the first stake in Benin! That will be cool. We are inviting as many persons as possible through Facebook, radio, face to face contacting and text messaging. It will be a very large event.

Well, that's about it for this week. Until next time :)

Elder Archer  [Para mama: ❤]

Here are some pictures taken from the car.

A truck tipped over and spilled bags of... something mysterious... at the Étoile Rouge (Red Star) roundabout.

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