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Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Letter!

We sometimes receive referrals from church headquarters through Mormon.org and other church websites. These are people who are interested in receiving a Book of Mormon or a visit from the missionaries and have made an online request. These persons are actually called before being sent to their respective missions to be sure they are sincere and have the right expectations.

One of these contacts is in our area. Our current investigator named Armel. He is a businessman and an English instructor. He visits with us for thirty minutes on Mondays before starting his class. His business is on the second floor of a three story building and the ground floor is a small shop called "Franc Prix". 

I had spoken briefly with one of the employees at Franc Prix when I used to work with Elder Bretherton. She had asked us if we were speaking German,well... we weren't. Just recently, Elder Adjo and I visited this store and on the way out, the same woman stopped us and said that she had seen us "last time". I realized that it was the woman that asked if we were speaking German. Her name is Sandra. We took her number and set up an appointment. We took a member with us to go visit her at her home. She lives with her two sisters and has a catholic background. The first lesson went very well and she was very receptive and focused. We like people who ask questions. I think she is very sincere. 

Before leaving to Ghana for a training with Elder Rasband, president Morin asked us to visit a carpenter near the office that the previous office missionaries used to visit. This man's name is «Janvier» "January". We found where he works a little ways away from the office. He is very kind and has a personality that shows intent focus and consideration for what is being shared with him. So far we have visited with him twice and look forward to future visits.

Well there's some of this week. The final round of elections are tomorrow. Who will be the new president of Benin? 

Until next time

Elder Archer

Here are some pictures:
I discovered the "night" mode on my camera! It's pretty cool.
Here are some pictures of me, that I took for putting in remembrance journals.

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