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Elder Benjamin Xavier Archer
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Monday, March 7, 2016

I'm still alive!

After around four months we finally had some rain. Everyone says that the sorcerers/voodoo practitioners do rituals to keep the rain away. Well, they must have gotten tired or needed some rain because ... there's rain now. The rain also conveniently transformed our apparent laziness of not washing the car into the wisdom of not washing the car because the rain would have ruined it. 

This week has been busy again with some random jobs. The mission president had me design an invitation to be distributed everywhere for the first stake conference in Benin. We needed several designs so the district leaders could decide on which they preferred. That was pretty fun, I enjoyed it.

Then as usual, we had some missionaries finish and return home. One of these was Elder Destribois from our district. He is home now in France. We are expecting, among other missionaries, the arrival of an Elder Asher. Seeing as how people already pronounce my name "asher", it will be interesting to see how this works out.

When bureau work is busy, missionary work is kind of suppressed. There are many preparations going on, such as getting the mission history ready to submit, creating documents concerning the stake conference, collecting new investigators contacts from the missionaries to send an invitation text for the conference, and sending out messages in regards to the elections coming up. On the other hand, our chinese investigator called us last week and said he would like to see us. We will go visit him today after writing home! Hopefully he still remembers that we don't drink fancy imperial chinese tea, or beer. (Those were offered to us in past visits)

Well still alive, still doing well. Until next time!

    - Elder Archer
 -  Picture with Elder Destribois and Elder Ajo at the airport..... and "Officework" picture

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