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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Last week was kind of interesting!

First of all, the assistants had asked us to drive the "bus" to Ouidah last Monday (the snake place). It was for a zone activity. This was the third time I had been there but only the second time inside. I didn't go inside the last time because whats to see had been already seen, but, seeing as how my it was my companion Elder Adjo's first time, I figured I'd have a second go. The only interesting part about that trip was when an African tour guide was translating French into German for a group of German tourists. There is actually a pretty solid German presence here in Cotonou along with Chinese people, and maybe some French people.

Sometimes Elder Adjo and I eat random things at the office. The other day, we realized that we had switched cultures. He was eating what we Americans could consider a "meal", and I was eating African food:
Inline image 3
Inline image 5

We contacted some of our online mormon.org referrals and met an English tutor who is interested in listening to our message. In the evening he teaches English at his own private business which just happens to be on the second floor of one of our favorite grocery stores. We feel that he is sincere in his desire to learn about the message of the Restoration and we've had two appointments so far. Maybe one day we will stay to attend one of his evening English practice sessions.

The best part of the week was seeing our investigators come to church! Lincoln and Komlan. Lincoln is our Chinese friend and Komlan is our Togolese friend. Considering that the missionaries in "the District" missionary training video taught a Chinese guy, I think that we have followed their example to the fullest extent possible.Inline image 2

Apparently I wore the same tie in those two different photos taken on two different days.

Until next week!

Elder Archer

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