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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bapteme de la soeur Cecile

This week was pretty special! Cecile and Joseph from my first area in the mission field were finally married on Monday. It took place far away so we weren't able to attend. However, today Saturday, was their baptism and we were there! This is a moment that many of us have been waiting for. The chapel was completely full and there were around six other missionaries who came who had also taught Cecile and Joseph previously.

As is customary after the baptisms, the candidates are invited to share their testimonies with everyone. I was touched by what sister Cecile had said: "I had never been baptized before. Some of my siblings have been baptized elsewhere but I was always too uncertain about baptism that I never accepted to do it.... Then, the missionaries came to my house and they showed me the importance of my life and the life after death. I have waited all this time, and now I have found God's church and am baptized. Now I know that I need to persevere with my family.."

After the service, food was served to everyone and we basically had a party. Something that I admire about the members here in Benin and Togo is that when it comes to food and feeding groups, they really know what they're doing. There is always enough to feed everyone and they somehow manage to coordinate everything so smoothly. Everyone sit down, about three sisters hand out plates and forks to everyone, then someone comes by and serves a scoop of vegetable salad right on each person's plate, then someone else tops it with lettuce, then someone else with a piece of bread, then when the salad is eaten a prompt serving of rice, then someone comes by with a piece of fish, then someone else with more vegetables, then someone with a little dab of pepper sauce, and then someone with the drinks. They know how to work together. It was a wonderful sight. It was great to see everyone again in Cocotomey.

Well it's time to go, until next time!

-Elder Archer
 1. Me with Cecile and Joseph

2. Food
 3. Me with MTC friend Elder Miller
4. Me (with Israel) Cecile, Joseph, Petite Isaac and Elder Adjo

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