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Elder Benjamin Xavier Archer
Benin Cotonou Mission
Quartier Cadjehoun #1158
Block F
01 BP 3323 Cotonou
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Monday, June 1, 2015

From Benin to Togo

Well, I had my first transfer! I now work in the area of Tokoin in the country of Togo. Something crazy must have happened because I now live in the first all-American missionary apartment that the mission has ever seen! It's pretty cool. (Hey, yes, we still work hard). I work with Elder Sagers from Kaysville. He will actually be returning home soon in August. The other companionship is Elder Magré and Elder Atherton.
I feel like I started the mission over again. New country, new area, new missionaries, and new families. I can easily communicate now I suppose, but I have no idea where I am or where things are. It will come with a little time. We've had some very powerful visits so far. Those were times when the Spirit was strong, everything was calm, and it felt as though I could remember how to say anything in French. We have an investigator sister Mawate who seemed very touched and in deep reflection as we taught. We had taught her about faith and repentance at a member's home. It's only the start but she seem's to be progressing well! 
Tokoin was actually the first branch in Togo. It's a ward now in the Lomé Togo Stake. Elder Sagers had been working on reactivating members since he's been here and has done around twelve. We had two inactive members come to church since I've been here that hadn't been to church for like seven years. They just need to know that we still care for them and need them at church. 
Well it's the beginning of the month and we did a bit of shopping today. I said bonjour to a white person right by an ATM and he asked: "parlez-vous Anglais?" haha. Yes! I speak English! He told us that the ATM doesn't work. Convenient ATM right next to the supermarket doesn't work, how unconvenient is that? Then we had calzones at a pizza place called San Marcos afterwards. 
Well, I'll let you know about the exciting things that come! We will be having stake conference next week.
Have a good day!
- Elder Archer

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