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Elder Benjamin Xavier Archer
Benin Cotonou Mission
Quartier Cadjehoun #1158
Block F
01 BP 3323 Cotonou
Email: benjamin.archer@myldsmail.net

Monday, June 29, 2015

= ) =(

Here in Togo, or perhaps in general, it is very bad luck to pass between two persons while walking. I found out when an old woman carrying a basket of baguettes on her head was approaching Elder Sagers and I. Elder Sagers went left and I went right. In what seemed like a minute as I passed this woman, I saw her frown and then begin stammering something in her language which may be rendered as: no ... oh  no no, no, nonono, NOOOO! Then she started mumbling things and that's when my companion told me that making people walk between us takes their luck away, hahaha. 

Another day, two men were approaching us on the road. The four of us walked right up to each other to the point where somebody was going to kind of really have to decide to go left or right. The guy on the left tried to go right while the guy on the right tried to go left and well... they ran into each other before the guy on the left grabbed the guy on the right's shirt and dragged him over to safety so that nobody would be walked between and lose their precious luck in a tragic disaster of events. Usually the things people don't worry about here are the things they should be worried about and vice-versa.

It's nice to work in an actual ward now. Bishop Tossa is very friendly and hardworking. We'll tell him we need information about a certain situation and he'll call people on the spot. Much gets done when people get things done. A simple idea but sometimes much neglected. We are expecting several baptisms to take  place on the fourth of July. What a day.

My companion has been sending me around to do splits at nearly every apartment in the zone now. That's been pretty fun. I've gotten to know the other missionaries in the zone and see how they live and work.

Well, that's about all of the exciting things to report for now.
Have a great week!
- Elder Archer

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