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Monday, July 11, 2016

I got to see the "true" Africa

This week was a good week. Transfers calls were yesterday. The second
companionship in our apartment is transfered out so Elder Atherton and
I will have to take over both areas, but we get the huge house to
ourselves :) That means that the mission will end here in Togo, and I
never got to train somebody :'( oh well.

This week was good. We visited our investigator Frank a little later
than usual and he invited us to eat with his family. We ate p√Ęte with
and fish and vegetable sauce. He even bought us some soft drinks, it
was nice. He is progressing very well and he came to church for the
first time yesterday! The memebers greeted him and sat next to him and
made sure he was comfortable. He asked questions and had a good

We teach an English class on wednesdays and only a few people come. We
have a good number of investigators also but very very few come to
church :( it's sad. Everyone knows how to get there, but nobody comes.

There is a memeber named Eli who takes us around in his moto-trailer
thing. He teaches with us and sometimes gives us a lift when we come
across each other in the area. Yesterday he took us to the north to
visit somebody and then even more north. We got to see some of the
"true" Africa, the natural part with the trees and grass and rivers.
We travelled on a wide sandy road with jungle on either side until we
reached the river where some people were waiting in a canoe to be
paddled across to the village on the other side. It was cool.

There is a statue on the beach, near the road by our apartment. It is
more of a memorial for when the germans arrived. It shows two women
standing together each holding the other's one hand in the air and
behind them is a figure that looks like sails that is supposed to
represent a boat. Long ago, when the german ships were in sight, all
of the african men fled to the north and left the women near the
shore. The germans sent one of their women out onto the land to show
that they came in peace.

Well, until next week :) have a happy day.


Elder Archer

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