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Monday, August 17, 2015


Well this week has been pretty crazy. Preparation day was sacrificed so that Elder Sagers could go visit his converts in another zone called Baguida. We pretty muched walked from six in the morning to seven in the evening, with some breaks in between of course. It was fun to see another part of Togo and meet some new people but I was very tired after that.

Tuesday was our zone meeting after which Elder Sagers and I travelled to Kodjoviakopé to visit more people. We visited Sister Sylvie and her daughter Fiona. They made french fries topped with tomato and onion and offered us some drinks. Elder Sagers is very close to their family, they are nice people.


Saturday morning began with a stake service project at five in the morning. We met up at a hospital with the members and some of our investigators were even there. After handing out a yellow vest, gloves and a dust mask we hiked over to where the service was. We hadn't been told beforehand what it was that we would be doing but eventually we stopped at a lot filled with small bushes and trees. Still nobody said anything but we assumed they wanted us to clear the lot of all plant life, which is what we ended up doing. We started pulling out plants by hand until several people showed up, one with  a wheelbarrow full of rakes, one with a wheelbarrow full of machetes, and one with a wheelbarrow full of hoes. It was a pretty entertaining scene because  everyone ran over to grab their weapons and then charged back and started attacking the baby trees. In about an hour a weed field turned into a dirt field. 

Two baptisms took place Saturday evening. One on the left's name is actually Moses. Pretty sweet huh. On the right we have Nadjombé, brother to Mawate who was also baptised a few weeks ago! He even brought his best friend to the baptism so we will begin teaching him soon.

Sunday was rather sad because it was the day before Elder Sagers' departure. He gave his final goodbyes and afterwards we had several of those precious few and far between food eating appointments in a many and very consecutive kind of format.

Today, Elder Sagers left to Benin. Where he will rest until Wednesday when he will fly back to the holy land.

That's a bit of the week for ya. Have a good week yourself!
Elder Archer

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