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Elder Benjamin Xavier Archer
Benin Cotonou Mission
Quartier Cadjehoun #1158
Block F
01 BP 3323 Cotonou
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

wed. Oct. 22 2014 last week at the Ghana MTC.

   My district and I leave for the mission field on the 28th, so only six more days in spiritual prison. Haha. Our days still consist of about ten hours of classroom time and some exercise/physical activity time outside. I like to play basketball or soccer, depending on the amount of people on the soccer field. Sometimes there's too many people for it to be enjoyable. But either way it relieves the stress from being inside all the time.

   I have been playing the hymns on the electric organ for every sacrament meeting since I've been here,  it has been quite enjoyable. I anticipate to giving a talk this Sunday in French. What's funny is that the speakers are picked right then on the spot and our district has only had about three people speak and those three have each spoken around two to three times.

   The pre-mission informative booklet said that a barber would visit the MTC fir haircuts. Apparently. ....that doesn't happen. The MTC has some electric clippers you can borrow but not skill hands and American hair is more technically difficult to cut than African hair., I would say.  So, Elder Larson (from Morgan UT) and I arranged an instructor - accompanied visit to a barber shop outside and across the street from the MTC. I got my hair cut firt and it turned out okay. Elder Larson told the barber that he wanted his hair cut just a little shorter than mine.  I try to contain my laughter when the barber decided to go ahead and run the clippers over the top of his head and buzz all of his hair off. I could tell by Elder Larson's facial expression that he was surprised at what just happened.  It wasn't completely gone, but it was very short. Everything turned out alright though.  It was funny.

   Well I can't think of anything else overly interesting or different from the regular schedule to write about. There surely will be more to write about once I get to the field. Ah yes, about the field. One of our instructors Frère (brother) Djoussou told us that everything is cheap in Benin and Togo. In his African accent he told us: " On my mission, Fanta was our wadah " hahaha. I am excited. If clean water is hard to find then I guess we'll drink Fanta.

                  Until then, farewell - Elder Archer.


  1. P.S. From Ana Archer, pictures on the next blog because I just typed this whole blog from my phone :(....Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It's great to read.